Houzz, a powerful tool

Houzz is a platform where are shared countless images of inspiration for the renovation of all the rooms of the house which allows you to annotate and share your favorite visuals with your designer.

Published by Catherine De La Sablonnière

Kitchen counter on which are arranged various utensils and vegetables
Picture : @Jason Briscoe

Ready for a new project?! Personally, I’m always excited to meet with a client who’s looking for a redesign or for a brand new  space!

So, you have an idea of what you want and you discuss it with your significant other, your friends and family, you scan through your favourite magazines and so on. Then, it’s time to meet with your kitchen designer and explain what’s on you mind. But fear not! Gone are the days of magazines clippings (but you have the right to do it anyway;), the perfect tool is now at your fingertips!

Have you heard of a platform called Houzz? If you haven’t, run to you computer, tablet or phone and start surfing!

Houzz is a powerful tool to be used for any construction or renovation project. Within this collaborative platform, you will find literally thousands of inspiring photos for any room of the house and in every possible style. But that’s not all! You can also create your very own library (or Ideabook, as it’s called on Houzz) to keep and sort all of your ideas. Even better: you can also add notes to each picture to make sure you remember what was appealing to you in a given image (how many times have we folded a page corner from a magazine to come back to it later and not remember what was so nice about it? That’s over!)

Still not impressed? What if I told you that you could share this library of yours, with your notes and comments, and send it to your kitchen designer for him/her to have access to your inspirations at all times? Now you get why I find this tool so amazing!

As a designer, nothing pleases me more than using my clients Houzz library. While surfing through their inspirations, I know that my plans will reflect their needs, their style and their tastes. And it also works the other way around: when you share your Houzz Ideabooks with your kitchen designer, he/she can also add ideas to your library.

While I’m working, I just really appreciate this online tool when I get a (very rare inspiration blockage.  And it also helps me to put a more visual aspect to my ideas while discussing certain concepts with my clients.

In short, Houzz is a powerful collaborative tool worth exploring for any renovation or construction project.

Need some advice to remodel you kitchen or to use Houzz at its full potential? Make an appointment with a kitchen designer!

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