The Bretonvilliers Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen

The light oak floor was the basis of inspiration for this elegant kitchen. The European laminate cabinetry softly complements the bleached oak floor, creating a warm and harmonious environment for the surrounding rooms.

The tone-on-tone wood combined with the occasional black and smoked glass accents add a contemporary and chic touch to this inviting kitchen. With only one existing wall, the decision was made early on with the client to make it the focal point of the room.

Custom made furniture in a luxury residence.
Contemporary kitchen design with black central island and white built-in cabinets.


This renovation was carried out in an old split-level house. The challenge was to integrate all the important elements while having only one full wall to place the cabinets, the sink and the stove. So, the designer put her mind to it and imagined the different workstations in an original, yet practical way.

This L-shaped kitchen with a central island also had to integrate a dining area with a bench for entertaining friends and family, which was done on the other side of the room. 

Designer kitchen furniture in a beautiful modern house.

For this design we opted for European laminate which is easy to maintain and has a very stable finish. The aluminum doors with smoked glass seduced our client and had to be integrated into the design. We agree, they certainly have style!

The Dekton countertop was chosen for its marble look, but mainly for its almost indestructible finish.