The Duvernoy Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen

In the warm intimacy of their home, our team designed more than just a kitchen; they created a sanctuary. With particular attention paid to integrate a welcoming dining area, every detail has been thought out by our designer to match the owners’ pace of life and rituals. It’s a room designed with love, reflecting the nuances of their daily lives.

Cuisine sur mesure contemporaine conçue par Ateliers Jacob
Cuisine sur mesure contemporaine conçue par Ateliers Jacob

Design and Materials

Our designer’s primary inspiration was the integration of a dining area directly within the kitchen, to optimize space while creating a luminous atmosphere. Black accents punctuate this living space, creating a harmonious, timeless elegance. The result is a kitchen where every detail, meticulously thought out, contributes to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a testament to the expertise of Ateliers Jacob.

The central island is the anchor of this home. It has been designed with its owners in mind. Its cascading countertop creates a sense of elegant continuity in the space, while the black colour of its cabinets creates a visual impact.

Coin barista sur mesure en bois avec un mini réfrigérateur intégré

Thanks to their ability to reflect light, white cabinet doors from Ateliers Jacob’s Lacquer collection give the kitchen a feeling of spaciousness. For its part, Ateliers Jacob’s European laminate collection, composed of wood, adds depth and texture to the space. Our designer used it with care for the barista area, breakfast nook and upper cabinet doors. This creates a certain harmony in the kitchen space.

Our designer also considered the homeowners’ lifestyle to design a true bespoke barista corner. It is positioned parallel to the central island and includes a lower storage unit custom-designed by Ateliers Jacob. This provides elegant storage space for coffee, cups and barista accessories. On the countertop is a coffeemaker ready to brew coffee and its intoxicating aroma. Custom-designed steel shelves hang above for additional storage.