2023 Trends Guide: Kitchen Design and Decor

Trends emerge, stick around, then fade away. But which ones are safe bets? Read on to discover which trends to embrace with ease for a timeless decor.

Published by Catherine De La Sablonnière

What’s trending in 2023 and what’s here to stay? Can you follow a trend without regretting it later? Of course you can! Follow our advice and everything will be fine!

“Decorating allows us to adjust our style to suit the trends and seasons.”

– Designer tip-  

Your kitchen deserves a tastefully designed and well-thought-out decor! Timeless kitchens are ideally designed to match your style and then decorated with the latest trends and inspirations.

Decor that adapts to changing seasons takes design to the next level. It gets you in the mood for changing weather and creates a living space where you can enjoy each season to the fullest.

2023 most popular home decor and interior design trends:  

  • 2023 Colours of the Year
  • Nature-Inspired Spaces That are Here to Stay
  • Our Take on Dramatic and Moody
  • Arches, a Forgotten Love Story
  • Art Deco’s Brief Return
  • What Trends to Resist at all Costs

 2023 Colours of The Year

Every year, we keep an eye on Benjamin Moore and Pantone to see what’s going on in the colour world. These two sources are very different. Benjamin Moore is more focused on interior design, while Pantone’s colour suggestions focus on the global mood of the year. This year, both agree!

Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year 2023: Raspberry Blush 2008-30

Raspberry Blush 2008-30

Benjamin Moore describes their colour of the year as follows:

Joie de vivre 

“A vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink, Raspberry Blush enlivens the senses with electric optimism”.

In 2023, there is a global need to assert style and personalize spaces. So is the need to live in an environment filled with happiness!

Benjamin Moore also offers two palettes to go with its colour of the year: Colour Trends 2023 and Neutral Pairings.

Benjamin Moore’s Colour Trends 2023 Palette

Cinnamon 2174-20

Conch Shell 052

New Age 1444

North Sea Green 2053-30

Savannah Green 2150-30

Starry Night Blue 2067-20

Wenge AF-180

Benjamin Moore encourages you with this colour palette to be confident in unleashing your inspirations, and to push your creativity beyond conventional traditions. This trendy colour palette conveys a sense of space individuality and the boldness to express your personality freely and fully.

Let’s face it, our favourite colour is Wenge AF-180! Warm, rich and dramatic, we love it!

 Benjamin Moore’s Neutral Pairings Palette

Etiquette AF-50

White Heron OC-57

Gray Owl OC-52

Onyx 2133-10

As for the Neutral Pairings palette, it’s perfect if you prefer to stay in your comfort zone. In 2023, we will often see these hues in kitchens, to showcase the eccentricity of the Colour Trends palette. However, the wood tones may be more reminiscent of the Tofino Sunset or Cinnamon colours from the Trends palette.

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2023: Pantone 18-1750 Viva Magenta

To choose the annual colour, Pantone observes the trends at all levels: cultural, fashion, film, news and the broad streams of change in global psychology.

Pantone describes its new colour of the year as follows:

“In this age of technology, we look to draw inspiration from nature and what is real. PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta descends from the red family, and is inspired by the red of cochineal, one of the most precious dyes belonging to the natural dye family as well as one of the strongest and brightest the world has known.

Rooted in the primordial, PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta reconnects us to original matter. Invoking the forces of nature, PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta galvanizes our spirit, helping us to build our inner strength.”

This year, Pantone wants you to vibrate with vigour through the colours of nature. Pantone encourages unrestrained experimentation and self-expression in electrifying and borderless ways.

Furthermore, Pantone offers a range of complementary colours that we love. These complementary colours remind us of Benjamin Moore’s 2022 natural and soft colours, yet intense.

 Our colour chart of the year:

Aligned with Benjamin Moore and Pantone’s colour suggestions, some good resolutions to make for 2023:

  • Create spaces in a bold and fearless way.
  • Make free will choices that make you happy as an individual.
  • Foster a pleasant and optimistic atmosphere.

Trend 01:  Nature-Inspired Spaces

That are Here to Stay!

The Organic Modern style has been pronounced for a few years now. In fact, we talked about it a lot in 2022. This year, we’re tapping into that sweet spot, because it looks like it’s here to stay for the next few years (and we won’t complain about that). After all, it’s all about wellness with a design we call biophilic.



What defines a space connected to nature?

Colours: Whether you choose strong or soft tones, the colours you choose evoke the surrounding nature. This year, Pantone’s complementary colours are perfect for this style!  

Materials: The choice of materials focuses on stone and natural wood. Countertops come in finishes like leather or honed. The wood is often matte and of colours found in nature.  

Shapes: Natural and organic shapes are used. Rounded shapes are welcome! 

Decoration: Outdoor elements are found inside such as wicker baskets, plants, or natural wood tables, and natural fabrics like linen or pure cotton.   

Organic Modern style materials and colours:

  • Neutral tones (white, taupe, greige, etc.)
  • Natural wood tones, from light to warm brown
  • Rattan and other similar materials
  • Natural fabrics such as linen or pure cotton
  • Natural stone, marble with natural veins
  • Did we mention the natural elements?



What creates a balance in a nature-inspired space is how the natural materials are used with the contrasting ones. Nature’s perfect harmony becomes a philosophy called biophilic, applied to an entire project. This philosophy inspires to decorate and conceptualize your interior so that it is in harmony with the surrounding nature.

Biophilia is defined as: the human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature.

This means designing the interior with elements of the outdoor natural environment so that our roots as organic beings connect with the natural environment around us. Every element of the kitchen in terms of colour and texture can be found in outdoor vegetation.

How to create an Organic Modern style:

  • Choose indoor plants based on outdoor vegetation. So, use plants that are native to the location of the house. For example, use boreal plants if you live in the North surrounded by conifers.
  • Choose the types of wood found in the region.
  • Use a colour palette that reflects the outdoor environment. For example, choose soft greens or even black for a mountain home, and sandy or blue tones for a waterfront home. Create a space that is balanced with what is outside.



Do you know why this philosophy is so popular? We often use it without even knowing it simply because…

“Humans have an intrinsic desire to feel connected to nature and other living things. By basing our design on this reality, we can only create a comfortable and harmonious environment”.  

We all know the benefits of going for a walk in nature, breathing in the fresh pine-scented air or putting our feet in the sand or peat. It’s relaxing, refreshes our mood, keeps stress at bay and stimulates creativity.

We are naturally drawn to nature to reconnect and restore balance. Bringing that same environment indoors makes more sense than ever and explains this prevailing 2023 trend!



Trend 02: Moody!

Our Take on Dramatic and Moody

This year, away from all-white kitchens, we are excited to see some assertive spaces in our inspirations. Go ahead and create mesmerizing, monochromatic spaces with deep colours, full of personality.



Tone on tone versions of deep green or velvet mauve are pronounced and it’s a party for the bold!

This kind of space recalls fictional stories set in English manors in the Scottish Highlands or in the gothic era… uncluttered version!

Does this work against nature-inspired spaces? It’s certainly more dramatic, but even though the tones are darker, they reflect nature both in the chosen colours (like fir green rather than soft green for example) and in the rich, warm, natural materials.

Furthermore, it recalls the “old-is-new” trend, which gives new life to antiques and objects with personal meaning. For example, a great aunt’s collection of small bronze sculptures will find a home on a set of open shelves lit by soft, warm lighting. Perhaps a trip to an antique store will result in a gift of lighting or furniture that will add substance and depth to your space.



The “old-is-new” trend is also observed in the shapes. Moldings are popular again, although they are less detailed than they were in the past.

Wallpaper is also coming into play. We prefer it in a historical style, tone on tone or with a touch of Art Deco.

How to create a moody style:

  • Use a historical and dramatic colour palette such as dark greens, deep mauves, browns and the like. Benjamin Moore’s Wenge AF-180 is a perfect example!
  • Combine this palette with deep, noble woods or paint the cabinets and the room the same colour.
  • Choose natural stone with strong grain or black or brown stone.
  • Mix rounded and straight lines. Nature continues to influence us, and straight lines hardly exist anywhere in nature!
  • Populate your shelves with small treasures, antiques or inspirational objects that will bring life to dark tone-on-tone spaces.
  • Take your silverware and chinaware out of the drawers and display them in curio cabinets.
  • Garnish with chests of drawers and shelves like in old European homes.

The dramatic and moody style finally makes a very personal statement in a way that is, all in all, quite traditional, but seems to have been forgotten in time! However, the question arises: is this a timeless style? Why not, any style can be timeless if adopted with taste!



Trend 03: Arches

Arches, a Forgotten Love Story

In 2022, arches made a comeback! Having forgotten how much we loved them in the past, we destroyed our arches and turned them into straight and square corners. What a shame! But in 2023, arches are back, and we believe they are a timeless trend that will live on.



Arches are generally appreciated, especially for their architecture. They soften the space and give a more natural feel than square corners. Therefore, we can include them for passageways to another room such as the pantry, the walk-in closet, or for interior doors. For new homes or a major renovation, they can serve as a focal point for accent windows or the front door.



Trend 04: Art Deco

Art Deco’s Brief Return

Following the dramatic and moody styles described above comes Art Deco. The new trends indicator has revealed it to us, and we can’t ignore it. However, you should know that we are committed to guiding you towards a project execution that will be timeless regardless of the style.

At first glance, Art Deco is not a classic timeless style as it is clearly established in time, so it’s easy to recognize and quite intense!


@berepurposed used fluted glass, an Art Deco touch

Our kitchen observations for 2023 and beyond:

  • Rounded, more feminine shapes 
  • Fluted glass (we love it, but to a point!) 
  • Mirrors (bronze and antique)  

Art Deco goes with a few trends that lend themselves well to many kitchen styles.


@ashleymontgomerydesign used Art Deco-inspired round edges for the island.

Some trends must eventually die out, and in general, we aren’t sad about that!

Here are a few of them. Some should absolutely go, others can be questioned or simply adjusted.

Bye bye: All-White Kitchens  

This trend falls into the category of those that must go! Of course, we love white as much as you do, you can definitely get creative with it. However, white has dominated our clients’ choices and those of designers for too long, simply because it is a safe and neutral option. It often goes something like this:

“I’m afraid I’m going to get bored with colour…let’s go with white.”

“I’m worried that the next buyers won’t like it…let’s go with white.”

These thoughts are about neutrality at all costs. They are also filled with fear. All the great creators of this world, past or present, have defied fear of any kind to offer us works that have an impact on us. We believe that:

  • Design reflects self-expression.
  • Fear must be targeted and eliminated from the decision-making process.
  • Asserting your personal tastes in your environment is vital to your well-being.

As Benjamin Moore and Pantone suggest, make choices that are personal, bold, and assertive! White is fine, but not all-white!

Bye bye: Ultramodern and Cold Kitchens  

This trend has been around for a while and is simply no longer welcome. This trend appeared around 2010 when Quebec fell under the spell of the very cold and bare Italian High Gloss kitchens. We were tired of wood and moldings and wanted a kitchen with straight lines and no personality.

We tried it long enough to know that it just didn’t work for us. The proof is that we are currently experiencing a return of the pendulum, revisiting moldings and wood, the warmth of natural tones and materials. However, this has certainly taught us to simplify a bit!

We no longer want to see the coldness of ultra-modern kitchens that don’t allow us to feel connected to our living space, such as white on white on white, cold and soulless gray, or High Gloss finishes. We’re simply somewhere else in our design evolution… and we’re happy about that!

Bye bye: Black Handles  

This trend should be questioned rather than eradicated. For the past few years, black handles on white cabinets have taken over the decor on TV shows and in magazines.

Today, we question this trend in order to find its place rather than scattering it everywhere without thought. Do black handles look good? Yes. Are we tired of seeing them everywhere? Also, yes.

What about a black handle on a dark wood cabinet? Ah, interesting! And why not leave room for other metal colours? An oiled bronze can replace black and add depth and warmth. On a white cabinet, black is extremely contrasting. Why not go with champagne brass or pewter instead?

Question this trend and see if it represents you or if you’ve just seen it so much that you lack inspiration.

Bye bye: Gray Cabinets  

Here’s a trend to adjust. Cool shades of gray are clearly out. Even paired with wood, it’s a no go. We don’t like cold tones anymore, but how do we adjust this trend? There are many warm shades of gray that appeal to us. Between warm gray, greige and taupe, the universe is the same and it suits us very well.

The gray trend was much too intense, we saw gray kitchens on gray floors with gray countertops … all very cold and impersonal. Having read the article so far, it’s obvious that we are drifting away from the impersonal and replacing it with a mix of assertiveness and timelessness.

Sometimes trends reverse themselves, but let’s recycle!

Here are a few examples for 2023:

Herringbone laid tile backsplashes

We believe that the herringbone will always be beautiful. However, we’re getting a little tired of seeing it. Although herringbone has been around for hundreds of years, and its popularity has intensified in recent years, when it comes to dramatic and moody spaces, we can picture it on a wood floor to give a room a historical flair. So, let’s recycle the herringbone and put it where it will definitely be timeless!

Carrera marble (and its imitations)

s with the herringbone, the look of Carrera marble will always be a staple. It has always been appreciated and has an undeniable nobility. In recent years, we saw it everywhere, in every possible way and in every style. It lived in European kitchens for centuries. Currently, the design world is getting a little tired of seeing it and is looking for something new (even though nothing is ever really new). We believe that Carrera marble and its imitations will continue to have its place in the near and distant future. However, we also believe that marble and granite with energetic and imposing veins should regain their place.

In conclusion, the keynote for 2023

This year let’s be authentic in our design choices!

Be yourself, personalize your spaces. With the help of a qualified kitchen designer, you can transform your personal style and give it a timeless appeal. So, when you go home every day, you can take a deep breathe and feel deep down that you are home!

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