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Cuisine moderne comportant un double frigo et un large comptoir.

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We create kitchens that change space and everyday life.

Our approach has been evolving for over 30 years

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Since our very beginnings in 1987, we have been striving to continually optimize our creative process. The collaboration between professionals and customers is crucial for the realization of a kitchen or a renovation project.

Our services reflect your needs while respecting the highest standards. The choice of kitchen cabinets, accessories, countertops and materials creates the “wow” effect for all our kitchens.

Manufacturing kitchen cabinets since 1987

We have come a long way since we opened our workshop in Saint-Calixte in the Laurentians.

By opting for collective intelligence, we have surrounded ourselves with the best in kitchen cabinet manufacturing. In constant expansion, we have opened 3 new factories that we like to call “the workshops” and we serve the entire territory.

Superior quality cabinets

We are proud to have combined the most advanced technologies with our desire to preserve the values of the craftsman. A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why we believe that our achievements demonstrate our expertise. Our product guarantee assures you of quality workmanship and respect, giving you peace of mind.

Stages of kitchen manufacturing

For a successful kitchen project, our kitchen designers will accompany you from the ideation to the installation of the cabinets. Aware that design projects often come with its share of emotions, our role will be to accompany you to make the process as simple and pleasant as possible.

Ideation and design

The kitchen designer and the client will have a variable number of meetings depending on each project. The consultation begins with an ideation. They will define the needs and they will discuss the possible styles for the new kitchen.

This is followed by design consultations where 3D plans and materials are presented. Throughout this stage, our showrooms in the region will allow you to touch the materials and visualize your kitchen.

By choosing Ateliers Jacob, you will be dealing directly with the manufacturer. We also offer the possibility of fulfilling your special requests that most distributors cannot.

Manufacturing the kitchen

In our factories located in your region, we are developing our manufacturing method in order to be able to offer, at all times, the best technological advantages, while maintaining the detail and rigor of the artisan.

To ensure complete durability of materials and design, our collections are revisited every year.

Our cabinets, islands and storage units are made to last, rigorously tested, our materials are of superior quality to those we analyze on the market.

Kitchen installation

During installation, your project will take shape with the help of good coordination. Your assigned project manager and cabinet installers will be there to complete your kitchen installation.

Through careful planning, they will minimize unforeseen events to complete the project as quickly as possible.

Once this step is completed, you will be able to enjoy your new kitchen in your own image following a thorough cleaning.

The role of the kitchen designer

The kitchen designer is a virtuoso in the design and layout of functional and personalized kitchen spaces. While respecting your budget, he will be the resource person throughout the construction or renovation of your custom kitchen.

His experience allows him to anticipate the issues and improve the living experience in the space created. With the help of 3D modelling, a kitchen designer will be able to create a clear vision of the project’s details. Throughout the manufacturing and installation stages, he will guide you to give you an overview of the project’s timeline.

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We serve Repentigny and the surrounding area

Our teams of passionate designers are available to offer you a consultation in person or by video call. We serve your entire territory and will work with you to optimize and simplify your project.

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Yes, we offer in-person meetings, and yes, we also offer virtual meetings. Each situation is unique and our offer is completely adapted to give you all the flexibility you need. No matter what format you choose,
your meeting with your designated kitchen designer will be personalized and adapted to your needs.

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