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From the material to your world, we create kitchens that change space and daily life.

Our approach has been evolving for over 35 years

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Since 1987, we have been continuously optimizing our creative process. Through a process of communication, decision making and involvement, we effectively coordinate your renovation project with your needs at heart.

We offer a personalized service for each client while respecting the highest standards. Kitchen cabinets, accessories, countertops and materials are carefully selected to create elegant, durable and robust kitchens.

Manufacturing kitchen cabinets since 1987

Since the opening of our specialized cabinet making shop in St. Calixte, we have come a long way. Keeping in mind that collective intelligence makes us grow, we have surrounded ourselves with the best in kitchen cabinet making. One thing leading to another, we opened three new factories that we like to call “the workshops” and we serve the entire Montreal region, the Laurentians and the Eastern Townships.

Superior quality cabinets

In constant evolution, we are proud to have merged the most advanced technologies with our desire to preserve the craftsman’s know-how. A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why we believe that our achievements demonstrate our expertise. In addition, our product guarantee ensures peace of mind for every customer.

Some kitchens made by Ateliers Jacob

Discover our achievements by selecting the style that best represents you! We offer 9 collections, 19 materials and 107 colors to suit all styles.

Stages of manufacturing kitchens

The construction of a kitchen has several steps to respect. Our kitchen designers will accompany you from the ideation to the installation of the cabinets. Each design project comes with its own set of emotions, and our role is to accompany you to make the process simple and pleasant.

Ideation and design

Ideation and design are a crucial step to transform your needs into a multitude of ideas and solutions for the design of your dream kitchen.

Indeed, the kitchen designer will discuss your expectations during the first meeting so that you are 100% satisfied at the end of your project. They will define your needs and discuss possible styles to complete your new kitchen.

This will be followed by design meetings where the 3D plans and materials will be presented. At any time during this period, you will be able to touch the materials and visualize your kitchen in our showrooms.

The great advantage of designing your kitchen with Ateliers Jacob is that you will be dealing directly with the manufacturer and this makes it possible to fulfill special requests that most distributors cannot.

Manufacturing the kitchen

It is in our factories that we evolve our manufacturing methods in order to offer the best technological advantages at all times, while maintaining the detail and rigor of the craftsman.

In order to ensure the durability of our materials and design, Ateliers Jacob stays on top of trends and never stops reinventing itself.

Our materials are rigorously tested and we are proud to present cabinets of superior quality to those we see on the market.

Installing the kitchen

During installation, each portion of the kitchen will take shape and synchronization will be necessary to make the project run smoothly.

Your assigned project manager and cabinet installers will be on hand to help everything fall into place smoothly.

Once this step is complete, a thorough cleanup will finally allow you to enjoy your new space.

A kitchen designer’s role

A kitchen designer is an interior designer with expertise in kitchen design and layout. They will accompany you through each step of the construction or renovation of the kitchen.

Their experience allows them to anticipate the issues and to improve the living experience in the space created. They usually work with 3D modeling to provide a clear vision of the entire project. During the manufacturing and installation stages, they will accompany you to keep you informed of the project’s progress.

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We serve Rosemere and surrounding areas

Our teams located in the Lower Laurentians are available to meet with you in person or by video conference. We serve the entire region and we will accompany you through each step of the construction process to make your project as simple as possible.

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Our clients sometimes request face-to-face meetings, and sometimes video conferencing. Technology allows us to offer you the same service and the same package, but with all the flexibility you need. We really want these meetings to fit into your schedule, so choose the format that works for you and we’ll take care of everything! Meet with your designated kitchen designer in person or virtually!

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