Cabinets manufacturer since 1987

Our history

Specialized in quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets, Ateliers Jacob was founded in 1987 in St-Calixte, Québec, by Jacques Bouchard and his wife Micheline, who first opened a workshop to manufacture kitchen tables and specialty furniture. It didn't take long before they expanded the business to also include kitchen cabinetry. In recent years, their three children have taken on a greater role in the management of the company, and have turned to Western Canada and the greater Calgary area to further expand and develop the company's network and clientele.

Today, the company counts over 35 skilled and dedicated employees who put their passion into the personalized service and expert advice they provide our customers every day. With meticulous attention to detail, our experienced team also ensures that our products are made to the standards of quality that have made Atelier Jacob's reputation for over 30 years. Our 8,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art workshop provides us with the capacity to serve both general contractors, as well as individual customers.

Our mission

Ateliers Jacob strives to offer customers a unique and creative experience. Trust, creativity and satisfaction are the cornerstones of our corporate mission. We are a socially active company and the success of our team is a reflection of our shared human values.

Whether for a renovation or new construction project, Atelier Jacob provides expert advice and creative talent to make your home a functional and stylish environment that you will love. All the while, listening to your needs and respecting your tastes and budget.

Our value

Our corporate values, which are conveyed to all staff, drive everything we — the company, its officers and its employees — do and every decision we make:

Commitment : Our company has always had a devotion to a high-quality work to give our customers an environment of maximum and straightforward confidence and satisfaction.

Creativity : Our company creates unique and innovative concepts to meet the most extravagant demands of its customers. Our designers use their creativity and their visions to create concepts that are in the center of today’s modern trends.

Passion : Our company is passionate of the results it designs. Since its creation, our team of designers project their commitment to their realisations to pass on our passion to our customers.

Our team

For us, teamwork is a fundamental value. We encourage our employees to excel in their work and to resolve issues as teams and in a collegial fashion. In return, we treat our employees as family members, we ensure that they are always fulfilled and passionate about their work, and that a quality working atmosphere always prevails in both the workshop and offices. We strive to be close to our employees to ensure their quality of life at work. Department heads follow continuous training and contribute to the smooth operation of the company. To date, we are proud to say that our team counts over 35 skilled and talented individuals.

"We are a big family; they are the ones that give meaning to our entire company, "- Marie-France Lyras, Co-owner

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